Debt and Gambling

When a person files for bankruptcy they are asked the same question. They are asked how much money they have gambled away in the past couple of years. If a person is looking to get out speelautomaten of debt by gambling they are not making a smart decision. In order to get out of debt they need to change their behavior and actions.

Many people have checked out the Grand National in the month of April and have bet on the lottery at one time or another. Internet bingo and online casinos make it easier to wager money. At least 10 percent of gambling action takes place online. This can lead to big problems.

In order to get out of debt a person has to be willing to change their behaviors. If a person gambles their money away there is no way they can get out of debt. A person will not be able to pay their bills each month. It may have to have a structured payment schedule to get out of debt over a period of time. It may help to see a GA in order to play how to get out of debt and how to get back on track.

It takes time for a person to realize they have a gambling problem. They may get lucky have a winning streak. This will not last forever and many people do not have the money to keep on going. There is a losing phase where a person cannot seem to win anything. They spend time thinking about hitting it big and cannot stop trying. All they do is lose money and it is too much to cover up.

There is the desperation phase. A person is looking for the big win. There is no money left to gambling and their debt is affecting other areas of life. This may make some people uncomfortable to read. There are plenty of places to get help to stop gambling. Call or visit Gamcare. They have advice for people that have a gambling addiction. There are many people that have the same problem and they can chat anonymously to help each other get back on the right course.

Online Casinos and Women

The female gender is quickly becoming an imperious force in online casinos (Svenska casinos), and not just as a trophy for men. Compliments of a poll in 2002, women were responsible for about 60% of online casino business. It’s a guess as what that percentage is now, but experts estimate about 53%. So, to make a long story short, the days of “it’s a man’s game”, in the gambling world anyway, are over.

Due to sexless nature of the internet, women can be taken just as seriously as men at an online casino table, even though that does take the advantage away of not being taken seriously as a woman, and consequently being able to flip the whole game on them, because they think you’re stupid. By the same token, this is why there are so many men and women alike who like to fake their gender for an advantage among players. Gender-bending, has developed a name at the gambling table, and that is “Betrosexual”.

women-postBetrosexual players are in their biggest numbers in the multi-player game of poker. Recent studies show, that 62% of women play poker ritually at least 4 times a month, and 83.33% prefer online gambling. Also, studies indicate that currently nearly 20% of poker players any given day are women. that number continues to grow and with women enjoying a rush of good old fashioned adrenaline, online casinos are one place where the proof is in the pudding.

Now, due to the increase in women’s presence in the online gambling game, there are more and more “Ladies Only” gambling sites, late night specials, slots, video poker, craps, and bingo (which of course has even more women that other types of gambling), are starting to surface, luring women in with lucrative bonus prizes. There are even ladies only directory sites now, and with more evidence of these facts, comes the fact that women participating in online gambling, for whatever reason, is here for good.

The University of Dundee found recently in a gambling study regarding women in Scotland, that women are more likely to urn to gambling after relationships, to vent high levels of stress, heartbreak, and depression.

9 types of people you will meet in a casino

Whether it’s being more comfortable playing from home, where they can be safe, and not have to dress up, just to be frowned on for being female, or the ability to sit with a group of men, and be treated equal, women have long since proven that they are a crucial, equal, and shockingly beneficial part of sociology and at the gambling table, they are no different.

Women (article:Meeting Girls in a Casino) are just as important as men, and from an advertising stand point, we expect the face of advertising to be changing to accommodate both sexes. For instance, don’t be surprised if male models start showing up, right next to the female models that have been used to lure men into casinos since the beginning of online gambling. in fact, you could probably go ahead and speculate that the whole discriminatory mess had just met its eventual demise, where it belongs, and eventually, this onslaught of sudden gender-based gambling equality will eventually pan out into the physical casinos, and finally go away.

A Safer Casino Gambling for All

Since the legislation of Casino Gambling its popularity worldwide has increased in leaps and bounds. Online Casino Gambling has also experienced a significant increase in popularity, and is likely to be one of the favorite places on the Internet, at least for gamblers.

While the obvious risk of gambling, whether it is online or offline is the possibility of losing your money, there are other risk considerations to be taken into account when gambling in a casino. Perhaps the most important of all is the security measures a casino takes to insure your betting money is kept safe.


Casino gambling involves more risk than just losing and how your money is kept secure. Most casinos require you to provide them with personal details such as your name, address, credit card numbers and possibly other information that you would want to be kept safe. Knowing that the possibility of having your information stolen or leaked is virtually impossible is incredibly important. No one wants to be the victim of identity theft.https

To give credit where credit is due, casinos have taken extensive measures to insure the security of both the money and information given into their safe keeping by their gambling clientele, making gamblers feel safer frequenting their establishments. At the very least casinos have video surveillance cameras in almost every section of the gaming floor, aimed to pick up every tiny movement at the tables. In addition personnel will be wandering the floor constantly monitoring the actions of both the clientele and the staff members, looking for any suspicious activity. Security officers may be visible on the floor and easily recognizable but often they will be in civilian dress, making it more difficult to notice them.

While the security measures taken by a land-based casino can be immediately obvious, the online gambling world presents a different challenge to gamblers. While some of the risks are the same online gambling has some unique challenges not experienced in land-based casinos.

One of the primary concerns of people gambling online is their ability to remain anonymous to other players. Just as in a land-based casino players will be required to provide the online casino with certain private information. Be assured that your personal details will be secure in the online gambling world could be as simple as knowing that the gambling site you are registering for uses a firewall encrypted with no less than 128-bit SSL. Naturally if a casino uses even higher encryption it is more likely to keep your information secure from would-be identity thieves. Hackers will attempt to get your credit card no matter where you provide that information so knowing your money and identity are safe with an online casino is of the utmost importance.

An online casino’s ability to maintain your privacy is just as important. Reading the privacy policies of any online gambling site before registering is always advised. Be wary of any privacy policy that is full of ambiguities. It should be easily read and understood. If in doubt about your privacy, avoid that site and look for another.
An online gambling site should provide a record of all transactions. This is a safeguard not just for you but for them as well. When such a record exists any queries about financial transactions can be easily researched and answered. This transaction record should also be SSL encrypted to maintain security.